2014 SHOWS

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends - January 20 2014  

Chuck and his friends have lots of adventures,and they show it to you in this series.

Akbar and Birbal - March 10                                   

Akbar the king has a minister in his kingdom called Birbal,and Birbal knows to do everything,even count the crows!

G.I. Joe Renegades - February 15                                  

A group of young Joes are forced to become fugitives after a spy mission goes horribly wrong that involves the explosion of Cobra Industries' Pharmaceuticals. Now branded as renegades by the media for crimes they didn't commit, they're forced to fight. Pursued by the military and Cobra mercenaries, they must use all their skills to prove their innocence and to expose the true face of Cobra Industries and its mysterious leader, Adam DeCobray.

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History - March 17

He's small, he's bionic, he's precariously intelligent... and he still needs a blanky! Gadget Boy assisted by his nanny, Top Secret Agent Heather, and his faithful robotic dog, G-9 now exploits transcend time!

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